RNA Conference

I’m back from a weekend of lots of talking, laughing and learning at the annual RNA conference at Harper Adams university in Shropshire. It was great to catch up with friends and make new ones.

The talks and workshops were excellent and I’ve come home with my brain fizzing with information from learning how to build characters by digging deep down into their make up at Fiona Harper’s brilliant talk, to how to better revise and edit my work.

The Harper Adams campus was lovely with sheep grazing, swallows and house-martins flitting overhead, their mud nests full of chicks under the eaves and cawing flocks of jackdaws going to roost in the trees in the evening. 

Thank you to the magnificent Jan Jones for her supreme organisation and to all those who helped and gave talks and workshops to make it such a fantastic conference.


Thanks to John Jackson for the photo of Wendy Clarke and me at the Gala Dinner.

I’m used to being by the sea and missed it while I was away, so it was wonderful to catch sight of it again near the end of the long train journey home.


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