The Catchetts Farm ring

Last Sunday I lost a very precious ring in our back garden. It isn’t worth a lot in monetary value but was utterly irreplaceable for its sentimental history as it was given to me by my Grandmother when I was 10 years old, not long before she died. She’d found the ring behind the kitchen range when she lived at Catchetts Farm during WW2, which if you’ve read “A Home From Home” will know is the name I use for the farm where Phylly and Grace work. 

So how did I come to lose it? I always wear it next to my wedding ring, both of which are loser on my ring finger than they used to be. I was wearing gardening gloves and helping DH cut the grass, putting the cuttings in the chicken’s run as they love scrapping through them. I suddenly realised my rings were missing from my finger and frantically checked inside my glove and luckily found my wedding ring in one glove finger but my Catchetts Farm ring was gone. I was extremely upset.

The search began, it could have been anywhere I’d been in the back garden or thrown into the chicken’s run along with 4 large wheelbarrow loads of grass cuttings. DH has an old metal detector and we had a search around with that but with the volume of grass it could easily be missed and to be honest I didn’t fully trust it. So I removed all of the grass cuttings from the chicken’s run and piled it on a plastic sheet on the grass then started to check through it handful by handful using a sieve to help. It took me 4 days on and off working through it bit by bit, like some Zen task testing my patience. So was the ring in there? No!


It had to be somewhere else in the garden and so next I began scouring every inch with the metal detector, regularly checking it was working by testing it with my wedding ring. I’m so happy to say that I found my Catchetts Farm ring this afternoon, but not with the detector, I luckily spotted it in the grass near where I was detecting. I’d walked right past it so many times this past week on my way to sieve grass cuttings – but never saw it. I’m relieved to have it again, I was so worried that I’d lost it for good.

I’ll be taking all my rings off when I’m gardening from now on.


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