author photoI live by the sea in Norfolk with my husband and two children, some chickens and a snake! I’ve always loved reading and writing and working as an author is my dream job. Over the years I’ve worked in plenty of different roles from picking fruit, serving in cafes to teaching and working as a scientist studying aphids, grasshoppers and fruit flies in both the UK and USA. Writing definitely beats them all.

I started writing fiction as a teenager but started to take it more seriously when my children were small and with time being limited, I wrote short stories for magazines. As my children grew, I progressed on to longer stories with People’s Friend pocket novels and eventually full length novels.

My Dad was a great story-teller and I grew up listening to his tales about life in war-time Norfolk which sparked my interest in this period. What makes the Second World War so interesting for a writer is the way life changed for women, they did extraordinary things and were pushed far out of the familiarity of their pre-war lives, and all of that makes fabulous fuel for storytelling. I love researching further, searching out gems of real life events to inspire my writing.