Catchetts Farm

Catchetts Farm was a real Norfolk farm in WW2 and it was where my mother lived. It wasn’t a market garden type, growing fruit and vegetables as portrayed in the serial, but I loved the name and so borrowed it to use in the story. If you should go looking for it now, you won’t find it as its name has been changed.

I carry part of Catchetts Farm with me as I wear a ring which my Grandmother found beside the range in the kitchen. When she discovered it the ring was broken and the stone was missing, but she kept it and gave it to me not long before she died. I later had it mended and a sapphire added, always wondering what its history was and why it came to be broken and lost down the side of the kitchen range, something I will never know but can imagine different possibilities.

A short while ago I lost it myself  – the tale of which you can read about here.

My Catchetts Farm ring.