East End Angels – When London streets were paved with wood

Did you know that some of London’s streets were once paved with wood? I certainly didn’t, and was delighted to come across this gem of historical detail  in the wonderful book “Forgotten Voices of the Blitz and the Battle for Britain” by Joshua Levine, and knew I had to include it in ‘East End Angels’.

In ‘Forgotten Voices’ a Metropolitan  Police War Reservist recalls seeing the wooden blocks paving a street near St Paul’s cathedral on fire the morning after the huge raid of 29th December 1940, when the iconic photograph of the dome of St Paul’s rising above palls of smoke was taken.

I wanted to know more and my research led me to the excellent IanVisits website here which includes historical background, some photographs of remaining wooden blocks and a map showing the extent of London’s wooden paved roads.