Secrets of the East End Angels – Bank Station bombing

Bella is deeply shocked and upset when she’s sent to collect casualties from Bank Street Station which took a direct hit in a raid on 11th January, 1941, the explosion in the booking office hurtling down the stairways and tunnels killing people who’d gone there to seek shelter. It made a huge crater in the road where several busy roads connected. You can find out more about it here.

The army were brought in to clear away the damage and build a bridge over the crater and this was opened on 3rd February, 1941 with the soldiers who’d built it having the honour of being the first to cross over it. In Secrets of the East End Angels Winnie and Bella are there to see it happen.

The first crossing of the bridge over the Bank Station crater.

When I go to London to see my publisher I usually walk from Liverpool Street station to Victoria Embankment passing through the busy junction above Bank Station and each time I picture what happened there on that January night. There’s a memorial inside the station to those killed.