East End Angels – The Dead End Kids

The Dead End kids who Stanley is so keen to join, were a group of East End teenagers who founded their own voluntary fire watch party in Wapping. They were led by Patsie Duggan, the son of a Stepney dustman, who carefully chose the members which included his 13 year old sister, Maureen. There was a waiting list of others wanting to join them.

They were based on Wapping Island not far from Station 75, and one of the Dead End Kids was always on duty, sitting on the roof of the shelter where they were based at Watson’s Wharf, looking out for fire bombs. They showed great bravery tackling fires with their stirrup pumps and sand buckets and were responsible for saving many lives. You can find out more about them here.

Sadly two of The Dead End kids, Ronnie Eyres and Bert Eadon, were killed while doing their duty here.