The writing of A Home from Home

A Home from Home was written as an eight part serial for the wonderful “People’s Friend” magazine which has played a huge role in my writing career – I sold my first short story to them and then many more after that. My editor there, the brilliant Shirley Blair, has supported and guided me to stretch myself further and dig deeper with my stories. Thank you Shirley, because I’m not sure that without your encouragement over many years, that I’d still be writing today.

The serial was published in the magazine in February and March 2017, and I was delighted when this year my publisher bought a rewritten version to epublish so that more readers could share the story of Phylly, Gracie and Jimmy. Their story is one that I hold close to my heart as not only is it set in my home county of Norfolk, but contains gems of my war time family history.

Do explore further to find out more about the story behind the story!

Spoiler alert – if you haven’t read A Home from Home you may want to wait until you have before you do read on as the ideas behind some of the things that happen will give away some of the cliff hangers in the story.