East End Angels – Where is Station 75?

Station 75 is a fictional ambulance station set not far from the real Station 73 which was sited at Nos 42,45, 72 & 103-105 The Minories (different buildings were used for garages and staff quarters) just north of the Tower of London. I used the maps in the amazing book “The London County Council Bomb Damage Maps 1939-1945” by Laurence Ward, to find a suitable setting.


Each ambulance station had an area that they were responsible for, so I wanted to site Station 75 in a place where the crews could be called to incidents in the East End, the docks as well as in the city and I found the perfect place in a crescent off The Minories and a short raven’s flight from The Tower of London.



The colour shaded areas show the degree of bomb damage from black meaning total destruction, purple for damaged beyond repair, through to yellow for blast damage.
The pen points to the crescent where Station 75 is sited. Spot the Tower of London a short distance to the south.